Laura Mather | Founder and CEO, Unitive

"Getting to the diverse workforce of the future requires that we tackle this issue from every angle. MomWorkforce has taken on the critical piece of expanding access to a growing sector of jobs for a hugely untapped talent pool: working mothers."

Tiffany Beverlin | Founder and CEO, DreamsRecycled

"MomWorkforce makes perfect sense, women of all ages can benefit from these services and employees would be wise to realize the large potential this group of women has which has been largely untapped, I as a woman in tech and stay at home mother couldn't think more highly of this idea and company!"

Nate Bride | CEO, BoostOptix

"As a single dad of two daughters, I am constantly thinking about their future and success. It has and continues to be a challenge for me to balance my professional and parental life. What I have realized is that the Mom’s in my life are always the most thoughtful, diligent, and committed friends and workers. I am excited that MomWorkforce has finally developed the platform to access the diverse talent of Moms while also empowering moms (and dads) to parent and work without guilt."

Ali Foughi | CEO, NextInput

"Productive economies are effective at matching demand with supply. On the supply side, according to 3rd party estimates, 28 million women annually graduate with college degrees and by the age of 45, approx. 80% of them become mothers. On the demand side, it is estimated that by 2020, the United States alone will have approx. 1.4 million unfilled roles in computer science and engineering. I believe MomWorkforce inc. is a viable platform to improve productivity by matching unmet demand with skilled and highly motivated workforce. "

Boyd Brunsmann | Utilities Network Officer

"Momworkforce is providing a fantastic vehicle in the tech workforce marketplace to maximise successful opportunity synergies between employer roles and working mom candidates. In my personal career experience, such arrangements have proved extremely beneficial to both the employers and the working mom candidates. "

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